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Hi, We're Clare and Jim - Eden Cottage is our only holiday fact it's the only home we own! - We want you to find Eden Cottage as cosy and welcoming as we do!

1) What's the neighbourhood like? Eden Cottage is a traditional Cumberland blacksmith's cottage, has a fine position in the centre of Armathwaite village within a small, shared (with our neighbours) and secure's super-peaceful, so please no wild parties, noise or loud music! We get all-day sunshine in the courtyard (and through our windows) ('s when the sun's shining!) so you'll be happy to sit out with a glass of something and listen to the crows.

2) Can I bring pets: We're happy to accommodate ONE dog. Most of the flooring in Eden Cottage is 'dog friendly' and you'll find secure, paved outside space which is fine for 'air'. Pets are not permitted upstairs at Eden Cottage and never, ever, ever on furniture or beds....and please (of course) clean up after any mess!

3) How dreamy are your beds? Glad you asked!.... We travel (a lot!) ourselves...and at the end of the day, appreciate hotels with comfy mattresses and quality (200 thread count cotton) bedding. We've gone the extra mile to provide brand-new, luxury standard hotel standard mattresses (standard doubles) each with 2000 pocket springs in each bedroom.

4) What do I do with waste and recycling?: We're fans of low-impact living, which includes waste reduction and recycling. Clean tins, cans and card / paper and packaging are the 'dry' recyclables that we're asking you to sort out for us! You'll notice that we use refillable soap containers, and encourage you to use the recycling facilities at Eden Cottage. In the summer, the wormery (yes!) ....will turn kitchen scraps into garden compost for us and our neighbours.

5) So, you're carbon negative eh ? Yes - we've a 3.1 kW(P) solar array covering the whole of our (South facing) roof. We use about 50% of the energy from this to power the cottage each year and export the remainder to the electricity grid.

6) Hygiene....what about your COVID-19 'enhanced' cleaning: We try not to mention the 'C' word!....but before and after your stay, we work really hard to clean, sanitise and prepare Eden Grove to the highest standards. For us....enhanced COVID cleaning is here for good. From checkout time, it takes around six hours of work to thoroughly clean, air and prepare your cottage. We use effective, 'eco' products from Bio-D (Ecover + steam sterilisation for laundry). Hand sanitising equipment is available in the porch for all guests and visitors.

7) How do I pay?  - Your booking is provisional until we have formally acceped your booking and you have made a payment of 30% deposit (for stays more than 60 days from the date you book). To minimise costs, we prefer direct bank transfer however you can also do this via other methods, including PayPal and credit / debit card - just ask!  The balance of payment (and any security deposits) must be paid no later than 60 days prior to arrival. If your stay with us is within 60 days of placing the booking, then we will require full payment.

8) I'd prefer to book via AirBnB: Fine with us... Our property is advertised on many of the regular 'platform' booking services - the prices you'll pay via AirBnB or will not be as low as those directly or via Herdwick Cottages.

9) What's your (CoViD) cancellation policy: We've adopted a fairly standard policy on cancellations follows: 


  • Government orders: Where the booking cannot continue or needs to be curtailed by us by reason of the need to comply with Government order or a change of law which comes into effect during the booking, you (the booker) will be entitled to a full or pro-rata refund (if the stay has commenced)  of the total booking cost (less costs we have incurred (for example booking, post-stay cleaning or credit card transaction costs).

  • COVID / Isolation in your party: If your stay is due to begin less than 60 days from your request to cancel, i.e. you (you or a member of your party) have tested positive for Coronavirus (CoViD19), or are required to self-isolate in accordance with the law at the time of booking, you will not be entitled to a refund. We advise that you purchase travel insurance for this risk.

  • Cancellation with more than 60 days notice to us: Where you request cancellation or curtailment of your booking more than 60 days before your planned stay, you will be entitled to a 70% refund of the total stay costs. We may, at our discretion offer a further refund for nights we're able to offer the booking to another guest up to the full amount of the booking.

10) Check-in / Check-out: Check in times are after 4:30pm on your day of booking (this is usually a Friday), but we will of course satisfy your needs for non-standard check-in days...or extend your stay if we've space...just ask via email and we'll sort it! On your day of departure, please leave by10:30am on the morning of your departure...this allows us sufficient 'buffer' time for cleaning. A week before your stay, we'll send you instructions for access and check-out.

11) Breakages / Damage / Soiling: Accidents happen! (we know...we've two teenage boys!) so we're relaxed about the odd smashed glass or plate, but please let us know as soon as possible about ANY damage or malfunction, loss of keys, any 'chirping' from smoke alarms and we'll then be able to make safe and good for the next guest! As a condition of your booking, we ask that you take good care of the property and its contents and to reimburse us if we need to put right any damage we consider may be intentional or negligent damage / soiling. If you're the lead guest / booker, please let everyone in your party know this.

12) Clothes washing / drying:  We don't have these facilities for guest use...soz!

13) What do you provide for the stay:


  • One night's worth of logs: We will provide one night's supply of logs in winter months (October to May inclusive), We'll 'set' the log burner (ready for you to light) and a a few more logs for your first night. You will need to obtain further dry, seasoned / kiln dried logs, firelighters and kindling  which are available from the village shop (2 mins walk away!).

  • Starter supply of loo rolls: You're on your own after this 

  • Starter supply of washing up stuff:

  • Bed linen, tea-towels and towels for 6 guests (one week)...for longer stays, we can 'refresh' after one week on request

  • Local Ordnance Survey maps and guides

12) What does the village shop sell? Absolutely everything you could imagine...logs, kindling, firelighters, milk, papers, Cumberland sausage, sandwiches, sticky toffee pudding, Belgian beer, fresh bakery bread, gifts....I could go on!

13) Can I get a supermarket delivery? Yes - most of the major supermarkets deliver to Armathwaite. You'll need to give the address: 2 EDEN GROVE COTTAGES, Station Rd, Armathwaite, Carlisle, CA49PL

14) Can I ask you to get something special for me.Yes! just Try us...Champagne, artisan honey, additional logs, no problem, A cake...awesome, we love a celebration!  How about a half day fishing, or guided family canoe adventure....we can sort this! Just give us notice and the cash!

15) Safety and Accessibility - really important!


  • The log-burner 1 NO. 1 rule: Never ever, ever leave the ash bucket indoors....smouldering wood ash will create carbon monoxide and kill you! (Hope this isn't too gruesome, but this can happen)! If you need to remove ash from the stove, wait until the fire has gone out, open the door and use the metal shovel to remove ash into the metal bucket. Take it straight outside and leave alone. DO NOT EMPTY ASH INTO THE DUSTBINS

  • The log burner 2: It ONLY burns dry, seasoned not try to burn anything will melt! Please ensure that children are supervised around the log burner to prevent accidents. Please do not place anything on top of the will catch fire!

  • Smoke / Carbon Monoxide alarms: The property holds relevant safety certification / tests and has and interconnected smoke / carbon monoxide alarms which are tested regularly. Please don't tamper with alarms or worse...don't ignore alarms that go off  - just get out fast and call 999.

  • Access to the property is down a short inclined, cobbled / uneven courtyard which can be dark at night and slippery in the winter or when wet. The property has wooden stairs. Please ensure that you are comfortable with stairs! Tell us via email if there's any low-battery 'chirping'!

  • No candles please!

16) How is the mobile phone coverage?: We're sometimes asked about signal strength. We're pretty well served by all the major networks. I get two 'bars' off a 4G signal on an iPhone 7 on both 'Three' and 'EE' networks.

17) How about the wifi? - Absolutely - we're getting up to 60 Mbs through a fibre to cabinet connection. There's a simple sign-on process when you reach the cottage

18) Can I bring additional guests? The cottage has a MAXIMUM occupancy level of 6 people. This could be four adults and two children (for example), but we're really strict on this - six is the limit, and the limit is six.

19) Parking - Parking in Armathwaite is unrestricted, so you'll be able to park one vehicle outside or close to the property. BUT if you're arriving in several different vehicles, please allow others to park outside their properties also....there's plenty of space at the bottom of Station Rd for additional cars / vans.

20) Can I hare a bike? Yes, you can. You can also get hire bikes delivered directly to the cottage for your stay from our friends at Border City Cycle Hire ( Email: telephone: 01228 808253


21) Acts of God and stuff (Force Majeure) stuff: We will not be liable to you (the hirer)  or any member of the Group under this Agreement if we are prevented from, or delayed in performing our obligations under this Agreement or from carrying on its business by events, omissions or accidents beyond its reasonable control, including (without limitation) strikes, lock-outs or other industrial disputes (whether involving the Agent or any other party), failure of a utility service or transport network, an act of God or Government, war, riot, civil commotion, malicious damage, accident, breakdown of plant or machinery, fire, flood, storm, default of suppliers or subcontractors or staff / eco-friendly cleaning products will be provided in addition

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